A loan – where I will definitely get it

There are institutions in Poland that will almost certainly grant everyone a cash loan. Such companies, however, want a lot of it, are they right? But the truth is that in a crisis the price of the loan is not important, more important to definitely get it.

Until recently, the leaders on the Polish non-banking market were undoubtedly Provident and the Credit Chwilówki company. Today, however, this has changed, and just as these institutions once dictated the conditions, now they must adapt to the standards and prices currently in force in Poland.

The large influx of non-bank companies providing private loans

The large influx of non-bank companies providing private loans

From abroad and the newly established domestic companies with equity have made this market very competitive, which resulted in a reduction in prices and costs of quick loans, such as payday loans.

However, are there any institutions that will grant everyone a loan in a crisis? A loan can be expected by all those who, apart from obtaining steady, documented income, have an impeccable credit history in such databases as Credit Information Bureau. These people, however, probably do not use the services of non-bank companies because they know that a loan in a bank will be cheaper.

The situation is different for people working in the dark or on so-called “junk contracts”. And although it happens that these people are already indebted and even have arrears in their current obligations, they decide to take out another loan.

They are often forced to do so by a difficult situation, another unexpected expense that must be incurred regardless of the price. Therefore, several non-bank companies operate in this sphere, earning on such clients, but also incurring the considerable risk, which is associated with the payment of money to uncertain clients.

Where will they grant us loans today?

Where will they grant us loans today?

People with financial arrears and undocumented income will find it difficult to get a loan anywhere. However, there are companies that are willing to borrow money on the statement and without checking in the Credit Information Bureau, they include Good Finance. These companies do not require our visitors to their facilities, and you can apply for a loan online without leaving your home.

People who own property in the form of, for example, an apartment, can apply for a loan against it. In their situation, the lender will definitely grant a loan with real estate collateral. Unfortunately, many people lost their homes in this way, overestimating their real debt repayment options.

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